My name is Rochelle Pont and I am here to help you find solutions to your personal financial problems. We take great pride in our personal approach in helping you find the solution that best suits your needs and goals. You can find a description of some of our services on this website. We strongly encourage you to contact us for a FREE consultation . We will work together to help you take the first step back to financial health.

I have over 30 years of experience as a licensed insolvency trustee. Without any obligation, I will meet with you and outline the best course of action for your personal needs. My experience, professionalism and personal insight will help you decide exactly what to do.

Why am I different from other licensed insolvency trustees?

While working with me, you will have a one to one relationship with your licensed insolvensy trustee. I will formulate your debt solution to suit the needs and goals of you and your family. My team and I take pride in providing a personal approach to solve your financial situation. We want to see you succeed in the future. We care about you. We want you to have a fresh start and we want to be part of you achieving financial health.

You will be able to reach me directly by calling this number 514-949-9133. We provide service to you by answering your questions and helping you through this stressful time. Please call and allow us to help you.